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TODO (1680B)

      1 debootsrap: allow using my own package lists
      2 debootsrap: fix not unpacking when a file conflicts (for example /etc/issue in base-files)
      3 busybox: improve integration by providing symlinks in /usr/local/bin
      4 busybox: clean up the duplicates (provided by various other packages: iproute2, psmisc, for example)
      5 runit: move the service directory to a ramdisk
      6 runit: cgroups support;
      7 runit: disable/remove Debian's sysvinit stuff;
      8 runit: implement an option to automatically install a DHCP client on scanned NIC at boot or 1st-time boot?
      9 runit: implement a watcher, so that changes in /etc/service will result in either *copying/removing* the folder to/from $SVDIR (which should be on ramdisk) and let runit handle things from that point.
     10 runit: modify badconf() so that it writes a `./down` file instead of simply stopping sv
     11 runit: unduplicate files from /etc/sv/ and /etc/service/
     12 runit: ip link set lo up
     13 runit: allow configuration of language
     14 kernel: verify both UEFI and legacy boot support;
     15 kernel: Secure boot support?
     16 kernel: improve system resilience by disabling overcommit
     17 kernel: improve system resilience by fixing the random boot freeze
     18 kernel: implement support for non-linux kernels
     19 misc: install script;
     20 misc: setup script;
     21 misc: implement a better dialog (with a readline like)
     22 misc: implement support for fakechroot(-ng?)
     23 misc: automatically remove deleted files from vmtest
     24 misc: set the domainname
     25 ldap: make it work with fgetty
     26 ldap: create a $HOME on 1st connection?
     27 misc: put sv directories into packages
     28 misc: only give PXE IP for systems requesting IP from the machine's firmware
     29 misc: build a VPN
     30 syslinux: change name of entries/menu to reflect the hostname