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rewrote "documentation" to be concise and not lost in jerk-speak

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,10 +1,18 @@ -Description: +This repo aims to build a small personnal distro based on Debian. -This project aims to build an operating system that is easy to -maintain and reliable, while still being able to provide what -end-users (or at least me) wants: softwares that are recent enough, -but can not render the whole system inoperable. -It also aims to be easy to manage and customize, while trying to -give choice to the user. +It targets powerusers. If you don't know how to script, don't use this. -See doc/SCOPE for more informations. +Main goals: + +* based on runit-init + busybox; +* code maintainable by a small group of persons; +* release-based, stable core with the possibility of having a more volatile user + environment (for desktops); +* POSIX portable binaries as much as possible; +* read-only root; + +Non goals: + +* package everything; +* being generic; +* being lightweight (but it might be the result of real goals); diff --git a/doc/SCOPE b/doc/SCOPE @@ -1,36 +0,0 @@ -Goals: - -* Core stability; -* Core portability; -* Up-to-date «userland» but rock-solid core; -* Allow users to install softwares locally, and allow admins to - easily know the divergences between the «default-state» and one - or more users; -* Read-only core system by default; -* Fully usable without mouse; -* Meaningful logs; -* Ease of automation; -* Distributed system; -* RSN (Reputed Safe Network) oriented; -* Maintainable by a One-man-army; -* Clear and complete documentation (including examples for every - manpage); -* Reproducible builds, as many as possible static analysis of every - statement; - -Non-Goals: - -* Feature complete; -* Ease of use; -* Lightweight; -* Bleeding edge stuff; -* Universal use, server use, high-performance single systems; -* Security against MiRSN (Man in Reputed Safe Network) attacks; -* Following fashion; - -Target public: - -Mostly programmers, but also hackers, sysadmins, powerusers... but -only of those wishing to be able to understand the "fullstack", -from booting firmware to user's environment, passing through an -authority system, and work with really portable stuff.